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  • ADRA's Keep Girls Safe program helps girls stay in school and out of human trafficking.
  • Over 200 girls, from ages 8 to 19, can now enjoy just being kids! 
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  • Raising awareness is the first step in changing a global issue
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What's The Problem? 

Life can be difficult and dangerous for young girls living in the hills of northern Thailand. Due to the lack of awareness, language challenges, and poverty, these ethnic minorities are vulnerable to human trafficking. ADRA Thailand uses unique ways to address core issues, including the operation of a shelter for vulnerable girls called Keep Girls Safe.

About Keep Girls Safe

The Keep Girls Safe program was established by ADRA Thailand in 2004 as a result of the human trafficking dilemma which many marginalized, ethnic minorities face. Young girls have found security and well-being through ADRA's Keep Girls Safe program. They have found an opportunity to be a kid, get an education, and when age appropriate, enter a fair work program for a brighter future.

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